Timber Bay Scuba!


Our Recreational scuba classes offer you everything you need to get started in the world of underwater exploration! 


The first step in becoming a scuba diver is the Open Water Scuba Class:

                The three steps to the Open Water Course are ; 


1) Online interactive course 8 to 12 hours, do this at your own pace.  

2)  The in-house classroom version consists of four, 4 hour instructor led sessions. 

Confined Water;

These water sessions are held in a pool or an open water setting with pool like conditions. Here you will get skill practice and mastery! These are scheduled throughout the year and are normally held locally at the Lakeland Union High school.

Open Water;

These certification dives are held in an outdoor environment, wither in a lake or the ocean. The four certification dives conducted over two days. You'll schedule these at the dive shop when you sign up for your class.  

  • Course cost includes books, certification fees, dive equipment rental fees.

  • Students need to provide their own mask, fins, booties and snorkel. Appropriate for the diving environment. 

Continue your diving education!

Advanced Open Water Diver

Fortune Pond

Rescue Diver

Prepared to help before there is a problem!  

Deep Diver

The William Young 110'


Dry Suit Diver

Extend your Midwest dive season!

Underwater Photography

Share your passion!

Ice Diver

Some awesome dives cannot be done in the Caribbean! 

Full Face Mask Diver

Warm face, easy breathing, and just plain cool!

Plus who doesn't want to hear what I have to say underwater!

Nitrox Diver

Longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, less nitrogen, more oxygen.

The number one specialty in scuba diving!

Night and Low Light Diver

The best night life is underwater!

Timber Bay Scuba

Get Certified, Have fun, Do great Stuff!

Pack up your fins and lets go diving!

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